6 runs needed from 1 ball, Dhoni on crease-what Cummins would do

Dhoni Cummins, Six Sports

Cricketing duels between top-class batters and bowlers are a treat to every fan’s eyes. Every batsman or bowler prepares extensively for such face-offs. When Australia pacer Pat Cummins was put in such a hypothetical situation against former India skipper MS Dhoni, he had an interesting analogy.

Fans can witness such face-offs when it comes to active cricketers. They can only fantasize about those between an active and an inactive player. MS Dhoni remains an active player in the Indian Premier League (IPL). There will only be two or three occasions that would put these two players against each other in the entire season.

Cummins to Dhoni at last ball

Doing a Q&A with fans on his YouTube channel, Cummins was asked how he would handle a situation where the opponent team needs 6 runs to win in 1 ball and Dhoni is on the crease. While yorkers remain the safest deliveries as far as prevention of sixes is concerned, Cummins said he would not try that if Dhoni is at the crease.

Dhoni Cummins, Six Sports

I think I have seen like a million videos of Dhoni hitting sixes off bowlers who missed yorkers. So I wouldn’t bowl a yorker, maybe a bouncer or slower ball or a wide yorker. I prefer not to be in that position, Cummins said.

Dhoni vs Cummins in T20s

Cummins and Dhoni haven’t played a lot against each other but there have been some noteworthy duels. In fact, Cummins has bagged Dhoni’s wickets twice, both times in T20I encounters between India and Australia.

Dhoni Cummins, Six Sports

The chances of Dhoni and Cummins coming up against each other in international cricket no longer exist but there is still the possibility of them coming face to face against each other in IPL.

Over the years, the IPL has gotten more and more competitive with each of the 8 franchises being capable of testing the other 7 in every department. The past couple of IPL seasons have already seen the number of close finishes and Super Overs shooting up. Such cases could further shoot up in the years to come.

Though Cummins’ answer to a possible face-off with Dhoni was only from a hypothetical situation, fans would love if such a situation could practically become possible.

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