A Tactical Analysis of Arsenal F.C.’s Comeback in the 2023–2024 Season


Since they reached the finals and blew it in the 2005/2006 season, very few times has Arsenal F.C. come this close to the Champions League Trophy as they prepare to face FC Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals. This incredible feat marks their return to the premier European competition after a six-year absence. On the other hand,​ they’ve marked their 32nd season in the Premier League, and Arsenal’s dominance has already become the norm there. In this post, we will analyze Arsenal’s Champions League performance and examine their chances of winning the title this season.

Arsenal’s League History and the Arteta Effect

With the end of Wenger’s era in 2018, Arsenal has been facing periods of instability and transition which led to Mikel Arteta’s appointment in 2019 along with remarkable progress in tactical gameplay and squad development. 

The 2023/24 season represents Arsenal’s revival under Arteta’s leadership. With a balanced 3-2-2-3 box midfield formation, a rough defense led by William Saliba, and an outstanding offensive line in the forward including electrifying strikers Bukayo Saka, and Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal has become a formidable force. 

Thanks to Arteta’s strategy that emphasizes flexibility, high-pressing, and quick transitions, this comeback has captivated fans, sponsors, and partners alike. Offers like the Parimatch promo code have lifted the spirits of Arsenal supporters. Everyone believes Manchester City is the favorite to retain their championship right now, with Real Madrid and PSG also considered strong challengers for the Champions League trophy. But Arsenal’s position on this list is a testament to their progress since 2018, and an acknowledgment of the tough competition they face from these established European giants.

Arsenal’s chances of winning the Champions League in 2023–2024

The Premier League is far more buildup-focused than other leagues, which fits English sides like Arsenal F.C better and works in their favor when playing European opponents. Champions League matches are more free-flowing and chaotic than Premier League matches because top European clubs regularly play in leagues that value transitions, direct play, individual moments of brilliance, stop-starts, and more.

Right now, Arsenal is seen as the third most likely team to win the Champions League after Manchester City and Bayern Munich, but Arsenal’s tactical fit, strong defense, and the form of key attackers indicate that they are not to be ignored. The forward-attackers Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, and Leandro Trossard are majorly in-form. Detailed analysis of why Arsenal might win the Champions League in the 2023-2024 season:

  • Champions League Suitability: The open, end-to-end character of Champions League matches is said to complement Arsenal’s current style, as opposed to the Premier League’s more cautious, build-up-based approach.
  • Premier League Advantage: English teams, particularly Arsenal, have fared well in European competition because of their expertise in a league that values sophisticated build-up play. Arsenal’s attackers are in fantastic form, with Saka having five goals in the last five league matches, Martinelli and Trossard having three and four each, and Gabrielle is the best goal-scoring defender in the league. The return of center-back Jurrien Timber from injury might boost their performance even further.
  • Defensive Strengths: Arsenal’s defense is regarded as one of the strongest in Europe, having the lowest predicted goals against per 90 minutes in the Premier League. This strong defensive unit is likely to provide a significant advantage in the Champions League’s open environment.
  • Wembley Factor: The final being held at Wembley is seen as beneficial for Arsenal, given their ease of gameplay there and historical success at the venue.
  • New Coach with Fresh Perspective: Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has introduced a new approach to the team, potentially benefiting the team in European competition. Let’s not forget the fact that Mikel Arteta appeared in 12 Wembley Stadium matches as both a player and a coach. He won on all twelve occasions.

For the first time in fourteen years, Arsenal has advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Arsenal’s biggest problem this season in the premier league has been the “low block” defensive strategy which holds far less potency in the Champions League with teams more inclined to play attacking football rather than sitting deep in a defensive formation. 

All things considered, Arsenal has a high possibility of winning the Champions League this season, but they must first improve their defensive line and attacking capacity in order to prevail.

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