“Ain’t a coach”: Harry Redknapp shares one controversial statement on Tottenham Hotspur boss

Former Tottenham Hotspur boss, Harry Redknapp, gives a controversial verdict on Ange Postecoglou. Redknapp is regarded as one of the best English managers of recent time and enjoyed a successful spell at Tottenham.

However, the current Spurs manager has taken the North London club to a whole different level and is currently in the mix of top four. Moreover, they can still fancy a chance to claim the Premier League glory.

Redknapp, speaking to iNews, believes that Postecoglou’s secret is not really anything to do with his tactics and comes purely from being able to manage players. Although he had soke good words for Ange, but he thinks ‘Big Ange’ is not a great tactician. He said,

“I hear too many young coaches, when kids try to do something different and beat someone and show skill, they get a rollicking: ‘Pass it! Move the ball quicker!’ No, let’s see you do something with the ball. Go and beat someone – let’s see individual talent coming through. There’s not enough of it. No disrespect, the guy at Tottenham ain’t a coach. He doesn’t coach, Ange, but he’s a motivator. He understands getting the best out of people.”

It seems that Redknapp’s comments are taken out of context by everyone. It looks like he is praising Postecoglou for being an excellent manager when it comes to handle the people. He perhaps means to say that he has a better connection with his squad in terms of person to person over the tactics creation.

We’ve seen so many managers do well working this way, Redknapp being one. And while things are going as well as they, Tottenham fans will not care one bit.

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