Alexander-Arnold claims playing in specific positions is like ‘playing with shackles on’

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Trent Alexander Arnold is living the dream. The Liverpool-born and brought-up man is one of the best players in his position playing for his childhood club. Alexander-Arnold has won every major trophy with his childhood club and is a part of the team that is terrifying to play against on their day. Alexander-Arnold is one of the many players for Liverpool who contribute heavily to this dread faced by the other teams. His sublime long-range passes and impeccable crosses can turn the game at any point for his club. Moreover, apart from his defense, he is a great threat in the attack. Alexander-Arnold has contributed a lot to the recent reinvention of fullbacks as creative threats while also being a defender. Currently, Alexander-Arnold is one of the best players in his position in the Premier League as well as in the world

An avid chess player, Alexander-Arnold has stated numerous times that this helps him think two or three moves ahead while in the game. Maybe this is why according to him, playing in a specific position is limiting. Speaking to GQ, Alexander-Arnold said:

I never like to play the position, I play the game. You play the position, it limits you. It’s like playing with shackles on. I’ve always thought that with a sensible mind, play the game, get in positions that will hurt the opposition, and at the same time do the defensive work you need to do. It’s more: Play the game how it needs to be played.”

Alexander-Arnold has got criticism for his defense

However, it must be noted that Alexander-Arnold has come under heavy criticism in recent times for his poor defensive positioning. He is an immense threat going forward in attack, no doubt but his defensive skills warrant some justified criticism. However, he remains one of the most talented players in the English squad. Recent signs are pointing out that the player is burnt out. A long and intense schedule last season followed by an equally intense schedule this year has taxed the player. His injury right now might just be a blessing in disguise for the payer. Alexander-Arnold will come back stronger and better after a break which he couldn’t afford before his injury due to his importance in the squad.

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