An old move by former F1 CEO that was rejected by Toto Wolff

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Former F1 CEO Chase Carey pushed for a rather controversial move that was not welcomed by many including Toto Wolff.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is known for pushing the sport in new and unexplored directions. and bringing new changes. The Italian was a key person in introducing the sprint races last year.

Domenicali is now looking for awarding points in Free practices and the earlier rejected proposal of ‘reverse grids’.

Former F1 CEO Chase Carey was the first to introduce the concept of the reverse grid. However, this move was rejected by the majority of the teams on the grid.

Mercedes was also one of those teams. Silver Arrows F1 boss Toto Wolff bluntly rejected the proposal describing reverse grids as:

“not something we should even come close to in Formula 1”

Much to Toto’s consternation, Domenicali is thinking of pushing for this move again. The Italian believes the sport is “obliged to try new things”.

“Each session should be giving away either points, or single qualifying laps, or a qualification for a different and shorter Saturday race, instead of the third free practice, perhaps with the mechanism of the inverted grid,”

Domenicali suggested to Corriere della Serra.

“The beauty of having reshuffles in the race, more overtaking.

“We have an obligation to try.”

However, whether it will be welcomed or rejected yet again remains uncertain. We have already seen many front runners come from back to their usual positions. Max Verstappen won twice starting from P10 or lower at the Hungarian GP and the Belgian GP.

So, will it really have an effect is arguable?

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