Andrew Symonds Grandstand inaugurated at Townsville’s Riverway Stadium

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As a fitting tribute, the grandstand Riverway Stadium in Townsville. It’s officially named after the late Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds. In a touching tribute, his children and mother Barbara built Andrew “Roy” Symonds Grandstand on September 30. (Friday).

In May of this year, 50 kilometers west of Townsville in far north Queensland. The illustrious cricketer passed away after his car missed the road and rolled close to Hervey Range.
Emergency personnel attempts to revive Symonds. But they were unsuccessful because the 46-year-old passed away from his wounds.

Symonds’ 10-year-old daughter’s statement

“It just feels like he’s going to be loved from every direction like he’s going to be loved from everyone. I know he didn’t like anything big, and it’s not a big grandstand, so he would probably have loved that.”

Symonds Son’s Statement

“We used to have this tennis ball machine that he used to feed balls to me … we used to bat them all day. I miss all of that about him and I wish I could have said goodbye to him. (With the grandstand) I’ll always remember it now, he’s always up there and he’s looking down on me.”

Symonds Mother Barbara Andrew Symonds

“He was just my boy who loved playing cricket. But to know that he was loved so much by so many people, it makes you very proud.” 

Australia and Zimbabwe competed in the first international series at Riverway Stadium in August.

As part of the Memorial service that was also held for Symonds. And his family members came to the pitch and placed his baggy green bat, an Akubra hat, a fishing rod, and a crab pot on the wickets. Symonds’ son and daughter also brought refreshments for the home team in the first game of the series.

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