Archer puts on an impressive performance in his comeback match, eyes to play in all formats soon

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Jofra Archer is back in the field and has returned to competitive cricket following an elbow injury. He played for England Lions against England in a tour match in Abu Dhabi. Archer returned to the cricket field after a period of 16 long months. 

Jofra Archer has expressed his ambitions to play all formats going forward and is fit and rearing to go. Archer said that he has an eye on the Ashes which will be played next Summer. 

Jofra’s impressive performance in his comeback match

Archer has been bowling over 90 kph and also hit Zak Crawley in the head. He has surely sent a clear message to all the batsmen around the world. Archer bowled 9 overs on an opening day in the scorching Abu Dhabi heat. 

Archer, who spent this month in camp with the Lions, emphasized his happiness upon returning, stating that well-wishers had not stopped calling and that, despite some expected physical ache the following morning,

“it was the finest soreness I’ve ever had after bowling.”

“It’s nothing to worry about at all. It’s weird feeling this way again,”

he said.

“I’ll take this! It was really nice, yesterday was a really, really big day. It was a small day but still a big day.” 

“We did match scenarios this whole month, we did stuff close to match intensity but nothing compares to being out there. This is probably the first time I’ve been so close to umpires in about 18 months as well! So, you know – it’s really good to be back, and being here with all the guys is probably the best way to do it as well.

“Obviously to get back to the first team is my number one priority. But also getting back there as safely as possible. Because I’ve done alright here, I’ve been bowling for the last month as well. So I’m pretty good.”

Archer’s rehab

Archer admitted that the past few months were not at all easy for him. He spent quality time with his family in Barbados but missed playing the game he loves playing. It was hard for him to sit on the sidelines and not play the game. 

“You’re still a little bit wary because I’ve done it twice and it’s happened [getting injured again],”

he said.

“It’s in the back of your mind. But I think I’ve just about passed it… and yesterday was probably the first time I could let it go. If it happens, it happens but you can’t just keep taking a back step.”

“It was disappointing [to get injured for a second time]. But because I hadn’t been back in competitive action [it was easier to take]. Say if I was at this stage and it went again, I’d be gutted. I don’t know if I’d be able to say how I’d feel, to be honest.”

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