Arsenal Loanee back at work

Arsenal Clarke, Six Sports

Arsenal‘s 21-year-old Loanee Harry Clarke is back in the field. He had moved to Hibernian FC in the winter transfer window.

In January 2022, Harry Clarke moved to Hibernian FC on loan. However, he had suffered an injury just 5 days after his move. This injury kept him out of play for 3 months. But, Clarke has come out and said he is fit and ready to go. Clarke has a loan period of 18 months. The injury hasn’t set back his plans as he just needs to get back on his feet and a new season is about to start in June. Clarke just needs to find his place in the team and prove himself on the field.

He said,

“The first few weeks were tough

Once I got back to Arsenal it hit me that there wasn’t much I could do about it and that I just had to get on with my rehab.

Since then I have been fully focused on getting back playing.

My rehab has been good, it has all gone smoothly so far and there haven’t been any setbacks at all.

Both my hamstrings are stronger now than they were before so all in all I feel a lot better in my body.

The boys have been really good with me since I came back.

They were joking as though they’ve seen a ghost.

Now I just can’t wait to get going again and I am really excited to pull on that Hibs jersey for the first time”

Clarke would be looking to regain his form in the 2022/23 season after an impressive start to the season.

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