Borussia Dortmund Forward’s Lean Towards Emirates Excites Gunners’ Camp


Donyell Malen, Borussia Dortmund‘s forward, has shown a clear preference for a move to Arsenal. Amidst links to both Arsenal and Liverpool, Malen’s choice to eye a return to the Emirates has delighted Mikel Arteta. This shift comes as Arsenal look to bolster their wing options, particularly to complement and challenge Bukayo Saka.

Malen’s leaning towards Arsenal over Liverpool marks a significant moment in the transfer market. This is especially true given his impressive record of 10 goals in 21 Bundesliga appearances this season for Dortmund. Despite his crucial role at the German club, Dortmund’s consideration of a rebuild and the need for Champions League qualification funds have sparked openness to his sale.

Arsenal’s Advantage in the Deal for Malen

The potential transfer fee for Donyell Malen, estimated between €40m-€50m (£32.4m-£42.8m), positions him as a financially viable target for Arsenal, especially when compared to other candidates like WolvesPedro Neto, whose asking price hovers around £60m-£80m.

Malen’s history with Arsenal, having spent two years in their youth system, adds a layer of familiarity and unfinished business to his potential return. Malen’s dream of playing in the Premier League, with a distinct preference for Arsenal, gives the Gunners a strategic edge.

Moreover, Malen’s expression of Arsenal as his “favourite club” and his aspirations to have made his breakthrough there underscore the emotional bond influencing his transfer preference.

Tactical Implications and Future Prospects

Malen primarily plays on the right and shoots with the same foot. Nonetheless, his adaptability could offer Arteta varied tactical setups beyond being a direct substitute for Saka. His agility, technical skills, and goal-scoring prowess promise to elevate Arsenal’s offensive capabilities. Thus providing crucial squad depth for competitions across the board.

The pursuit of Malen, alongside Arsenal’s interest in a LaLiga forward to potentially replace Eddie Nketiah, indicates a comprehensive strategy. This offensive revamp, with Malen potentially at its forefront, exemplifies Arsenal’s ambition and the club’s pull under Arteta’s leadership. Malen’s public inclination towards Arsenal over Liverpool could redefine the summer’s transfer dynamics.

This preference sheds light on the emotional factors at play in transfers. Moreover, it also highlights Arsenal’s attractiveness to players looking for competitive action. Nonetheless, Arsenal supporters will keenly anticipate Malen’s arrival as a catalyst for further triumphs.

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