Ashish Nehra has a high praise for Umran Malik and backs him to play for a long haul

Nehra Umran Malik

Former Indian fast bowler and Gujarat Giants Coach Ashish Nehra has spotted a youngster from the current New Zealand series and backs him to play for the country in the years to come.
Ashish Nehra was impressed with Umran Malik during this series. The fast bowler was consistently bowling over 145 kph and also cranked over 150 in many of his deliveries. India might use him as a wicket-taking option in the middle overs and his pace might unsettle the batters. Ashish Nehra had high praise for the youngster and considers him as a special talent.

Nehra is excited to see Umran Malik bowl fast

There is no doubt that he is one of the shining lights of not only this tour but whenever he has played before. Everybody is excited about him and the main reason is his pace. You said that he is not someone who is only looking to bowl 4 overs. He has started his career with T20 cricket but I have seen him bowl 16-18 and 20 overs with rapid pace. He is young, he is quick. He is not someone who will hold back or bowl only 80-85 percent. He is not someone only looking to play T20 cricket which is a great thing in today’s day and age,”

Nehra said exclusively on Prime Video.

“We have seen how T20 cricket has evolved. Majority of the players are keener to play T20 cricket first and that way he is different. The more you play the better he will get. He has shown good control with the old ball and it will be interesting to see how he bowls with the new ball, how the selectors use him and how the management wants him to be used. There is no doubt about it that all eyes will be on him in near future,”

he added.

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