Asia Cup 2022: “Virat Kohli will be back calmer” Ravi Shastri


The ex-head coach of The Indian cricket team Ravi Shastri recently spoke about Virat Kohli. The coach believes the batter would come back stronger in this Asia cup. The batting specialist is going through the rough patch of his career. Furthermore, Kohli has failed to score big in the IPL as well as on the England tour that he has played so far. Although he is not playing well, he took some breaks from cricket and avoided a few tours. He did this to manage the so-called workload. The star batter opted out of South Africa tour to take a rest after IPL. He also missed tours against West Indies and Zimbabwe.

The batting maverick will now return to the Indian colors on the 28th of Aug against the arch-rivals Pakistan. He made his last century in a match in last 2019. Since that last century, Kohli has failed to make his fifties into a century.

Ravi Shastri on Virat Kohli’s return

While talking to the media in a press conference arranged by Star sports, he said Virat Kohli will be back with a calmer mind because the heat is off. Shastri also said

“I haven’t spoken to him but it’s not rocket science. Big players wake up in due course. They need a break; mental fatigue can creep into the best in the world. There is not a single player in world cricket who has not gone through a bad patch and I am sure this downtime is not just for the body, it’s time to reflect. He would have reflected on what things he could have done better,”

Shastri who shared a great bond with Kohli believes in him and the quality of player that Kohli is. In the press conference, Shastri also added

“What he didn’t do right? What did he allow to come into his mindset that was just not required or relevant? All these things come into play. You get an opportunity to then decide, what is the future course of action. Whether it is shot selection, or it is how you plan, when to shift gears, should I give himself more time. And now it is time for him to execute those plans,” 

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