Aston Martin rear wing: Rivals ready to copy the design

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Aston Martin brought a new rear wing design for the upcoming Hungarian GP. F1 rivals are ready to copy the Aston Martin rear wing even if it hurts closer racing.

Aston Martin F1 team showed a new aggressive rear wing concept for the upcoming Hungarian GP.

This design offers a different interpretation of the 2022 regulations change which were meant to encourage closer racing. In 2022, rear wings are designed to prevent tip vortex generation behind the cars. These tip vortexes disrupt the airflow of the car behind making it difficult for it to follow closely.

However, the new Aston Martin rear wings were sighted with traditional endplates. These plates cause tip vortexes.

There are worries that this new design will disrupt closer racing. Nevertheless, rivals believe if this design is legal and gives them a performance boost then it doesn’t matter.

What did rivals say about Aston Martin’s rear wing concept?

According to other teams, the only thing that will matter is performance even if it disrupts closer racing.

 When asked if the developments in the designs are ruining the main objective of the 2022 regulations, Alpine sporting director Alan Permane said: 

“I promise you there’s nine other teams running that in CFD at the moment.

“If it’s quicker, you’ll see nine more of them I imagine. I can’t see why it wouldn’t happen if it’s completely legal. I get your point about the intent of the regs, but we just want to go fast and be reliable.”

“It’s really for the FIA and Formula 1 to work out if they’ve circumvented the intent. I doubt there’s anything that could be done about that for this year. I’m very sure if it’s faster, you’ll very soon see more of them,”

added Permane.

Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies said:

“If they have asked the FIA and the FIA says it’s legal, then everybody tries it. If it’s faster it will come to the cars.”

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner also commented on the same:

“I guess if it complies with the regs, that’s the main thing.”

“It opens up another avenue that’s interesting. Maybe for once we’ll copy something off an Aston Martin rather than the other way around, you never know,”

added Horner.

Aston Martin Boss gave a statement about the new concept

Aston Martin Team Boss Mike Krack commented on the new rear wing design:

“With developing a wing or developing ideas, you normally do not wait until the last moment to show it.”

“We were in touch with the FIA all along for the development, to understand if this is something that would be accepted, And it finally was. That was for us the moment we said: ‘OK, we go for it.’ I think there is nothing special at the end of the day. It’s an interpretation of the rules. We developed the wing according to that in conjunction with the FIA. That’s it basically.”

“I’m not concerned about super majority or anything if the rules are changing, or if these kinds of designs are not allowed. We will cope with it.”

FIA has already said if the teams introduce designs that mess up with the intent of the rules meant to improve racing, then it won’t hesitate to act.

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