Aston Villa involved in swap deal for transfer target

Aston Villa

Aston Villa surpassed all the expectations last season. What looked to be a transition period for the club now made them looked like contenders for the title. Most of the credit goes to Unai Emery for doing such a wonderful job with the club. The manager tapped into the potential of the players and made the squad play world class football. They even managed to secure a Champions League spot for the next season. He even managed to beat Arsenal, his former club and spoil their title winning party.

There are high expectations from this squad to do wonders next season as well. Aston Villa director Monchi has shown his intention of seriously competing for titles next season. The squad as well as the manager will also have the pressure to perform next season especially with Champions League around the corner. It looks Aston Villa involved in serious business.

Monchi is reportedly doing some scouting in the Italian parts of football. The club will also reportedly follow a business model of signing cheap and effective players. Another reason of this business will be the Profit and Sustainability rules of Premier League which will put a spending cap on clubs.

This rule is avoid big clubs from dominating the transfer markets over financially weaker clubs. This rule states that the money from sponsorships and television rights can be spend over transfer business. The only way to make big money signings will be through the sales of players. It can be a tough job for Aston Villa to sell their players now that the clubs will prefer to make smart signings. They may also get less than preferred fee for their players. It will also be tough job for Unai Emery to tactically adjust players.

Aston Villa involved with one of the best talents

Looking at all these problems Aston Villa have included Juventus’s Weston McKennie on their list of summer transfers. Weston McKennie contract will be going till 2025 and the player is yet to sign an extension. Aston Villa are hoping to sign the 25-year-old American on cheap and they may have found a better alternative. Weston McKennie will surely be a great option for Aston Villa and Unai Emery will not want to miss this chance to reinforce his squad for next season.

Villa will reportedly make a swap deal for Douglas Luiz plus cash. Douglas Luiz had a great season under Unai Emery which emerged interest from clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United. There is reports that Spanish giants Barcelona are interested in the Brazilian. Juventus is also interested in the Brazilian despite their financial difficulties. However Aston Villa are interested for a Juve player in return.

According to TuttoJuve, Aston Villa are not willing to offload Luiz on the cheap this summer. Weston McKennie showed his interest in joining Aston Villa this summer. Although McKennie has some experience during his spell with Leeds United in English football his spell was not that great for the club. The 25 year old American found some difficulty in adjusting with English football during his tenure with the club. However since his move to Juventus the player has found perfect footing with the club. It is no shocking thing to say the player found the form of his life after racking 10 assists. Moreover now it’s upto Aston Villa to make their final call on this situation. As both the players are great edition to both the clubs it will be interesting to see how this saga ends. It will also depend on both the managers.

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