Aussie legend predicts winner of Asia Cup 2022


We are now just a few days away from the mega cricket tournament. While the Asia Cup starts this Saturday 27th Aug 2022. Australian legend Shane Watson has made his predictions for the mega event. Initially, the event was scheduled to be played in the island country, Sri Lanka. However, due to the ongoing economic crisis, the tournament has been shifted to UAE. All the teams have announced their squad and they have started preparing as well.

Now, 3 days before the beginning of this mega event, the Aussie legend has made his prediction on the upcoming mega event. The Legend believes India can emerge as the winner here. The legend also talked about the clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. Watson expressed he is confident about Babar Azam. However, India can win this clash on the 28th of Aug 2022.

Watson’s reply to the press

“My predicted winner is India. That first game is going to be very special to watch because Pakistan has full belief now that they can beat this Indian team. I think, really, whoever wins that game is going to go on and win the Asia Cup, [But] I’ve just got a feeling India [will win the tournament]. They’ve got so much firepower all the way through their batting order, so it’s going to be hard to be able to contain them,”

While speaking, Watson mentioned Pakistan might be on cloud 9 and really happy with the win over India.

“I’m sitting on the fence a little bit! But I think Pakistan have a chance to win that game because of the confidence they’d have got out of winning for the first time in a long time against India. Their confidence is going to be flying high. India is hard to contain, especially their batting. But Pakistan, and as I’ve always known playing against them when their confidence is high, they’re nearly unstoppable. And their confidence is high now that they know they can beat India in a big tournament,”

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