Babar Azam a quality player, calling him one-dimensional player is little harsh: Rohan Gavaskar

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Pakistan is playing against England for 7t20i. The series has taken the shape of a thriller as the winner will be decided at the last match. But the question still hovers on Babar Azam and his form in recent matches. There were questions raised and some acknowledged him as a one-dimensional player. Rohan Gavaskar was considered to be a little harsh.

Rohan Gavaskar’s reaction to Babar Azam as 1 Dimensional player

Babar maintained his first ranking spot in the t20s for a long time. But there were certain dips in the graph and he costed his place to his fellow mate. Babar scored his 2nd century in the current series itself. But overall he is observed in having difficulty maintaining the form. He is the captain of the team and sometimes the captaincy pressure overburdens him. Moreover, there has been a hack as he considers sometimes it as extra pressure. His best performances are registered while chasing.

Gavaskar statement:

“To call him a one-dimensional player is a little harsh because he is a quality-quality player. And if anything, the numbers suggest that he is not one-dimensional. The fact that he can change gears and you look at his numbers from the first innings to the second innings. In the first innings, his strike rate is about 125; in the second innings his strike rate is about 137, which shows that he has the ability to change gears. “I think it is a mental mindset with Babar. Fear of failure. And when I say fear of failure, I don’t mean fear of failure as a batter. I could be wrong here; he feels that the Pakistan team revolves around his batting. So, when he is batting first, he feels that he’s got to stay long because if he fails, the team might fail and that can sometimes shackle a player.

“When they are batting second, when the target is in front of him, he is just phenomenal because he knows how he needs to pace his innings. I think sometimes it’s just the mental mindset which he may need to change when they are batting first. “

Pakistan are currently leading the series by 3-2. They will want to take an inevitable lead in the next match and seal the series.

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