Bancroft hints that other players involved in the SandPaper-Gate Scandal

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Cameron Bancroft, one of the three central figures in the sandpaper gate scandal, says it is “self-explanatory” that along with Steve Smith, David Warner, and himself. Australian bowlers were also aware of the illegal tactics during the 2018 Newlands Test. 

Bancroft was caught on camera using sandpaper on the ball in the third Test against South Africa that year. Then the scandal had rocked Australian and world cricket

In an interview with The Guardian, asked if some of the bowlers knew what he was doing. Then Bancroft replied: “Yeah, look, all I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part.”

Sandpaper Gate was a Team Idea: Bancroft

Bancroft is playing for Durham in the English County Championship. He wanted to be “liked” by his teammates and in turn “lost control” of his values. “I invested too much to the point where I lost control of my values,” he said.

“Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers, and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory,” Bancroft told The Guardian when asked whether some of the bowlers knew about the tactics at play. 

Steve Smith’s speech on Sandpaper-Gate scandal:

Back when the incident had just taken place, Smith had talked about how a toxic environment was created within the Australia dressing room. Then Cricket Australia executives James Sutherland and Pat Howard had instilled a “win at all cost” feeling within the players. Even if it meant going against the spirit of the game.

“I think back to Hobart when we lost there against South Africa. It was our fifth straight loss in Test cricket. I remember James Sutherland and Pat Howard coming into the rooms there and actually saying ‘We don’t pay you to play, we pay you to win’,” Smith had confessed to Adam Gilchrist back in 2018.

Harsha Bhogle Reacts on new statement of Bancroft:

Indian Voice of Cricket Harsha Bhogle also reacts on this new angle came out.

Although, England veteran Andrew Flintoff had spoken about this exact problem (of whether or not the bowlers knew about the plan) around the time when the incident was fresh.

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