Barcelona wants to sign Oduro, a youngster next summer


Barcelona have increased their efforts to recruit the best and the brightest teenagers across the globe over the past 12 months,

And it looks as if Ghanaian left-back David Oduro will be the focus of their attentions in coming months. The 17-year-old already plays regularly for Accra Lions in the Ghanaian Premier League.

And was on trial with Barcelona last month. He has also received interest from Bayern Munich though, and was on trial with Chelsea before he arrived in Barcelona.

As he is only 17, he cannot make the jump until june, When he comes of age. Alphonso Davies style-wise and is the latest evidence of Barcelona’s intention to increase their presence in the West Africa.

As reported by sport, they are working on a deal to bring Oduro in this summer. Already moved for Malian Ibrahim Diarra.

Both come as part of a directive from Joan Laporta to scout better and more regularly in Mali, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

Oduro could join Barcelona next summer

Barcelona brought in Noah Darvich and Mikayil Faye last summer to play for the Barca Atletic side, and both have since impressed,

While two of their greatest success stories were teenage acquisitions of Ronald Araujo and Pedri. Undoubtedly they are trying to find and tie up deals for talents at an earlier age as a way of addressing.

Their economic struggles, which prevent them from pursuing more established talents. Compared to Alphonso Davies for his physique and ability to break through defensive lines, Oduro is a pacy coast to coast left-back.

it seems more big clubs are attempting to tap into the west and North African markets of late following success in LIgue 1,

And the saturation of clubs shopping in Latin America too. Diarra made a name for himself at the under-17 world cup.

But Oduro appears to be garnering interest from his domestic performances.

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