BBC pundit Chris Sutton demonstrates one issue that may collapse Liverpool -Xabi saga

Pundit Chris Sutton, highlights one problem that can come into the path of Liverpool for Xabi Alonso deal. Sutton believes that Xabi is a bit novice and unproven manager when it comes to replacing a figure like Jurgen Klopp.

However, it does not raise the fingers on the ability and potential that the Spaniard has shown so far. His side Bayer Leverkusen are the only team in Europe that are ‘undefeated‘ throughout this campaign till now.

Although, it is not the only reason why the former World Cup winner is a forerunner for the rank. He has been a Reds superstar during his playing days in 2000s. He even won a Champions League for the outfit in which he scored the equaliser in normal time.

These nostalgic links maybe a huge reason as well for the consideration. There are no questions on the quality of the manager and his current side. But there is a big interrogative point whether he is ready for filling up the boots of someone enormous like Klopp.

Chris Sutton highlights the difficulty of Xabi deal

BBC pundit throws the light on the fact that Alonso is still at the primary stages of his managerial role. He has the potential but filling the shoes of Jurgen Klopp is a real deal for anybody. He said,

“Alonso is a rookie as far as a manager is concerned. I wonder if Liverpool would look at him and think that he hasn’t managed for long enough. The issue is that Klopp was so charismatic, larger than life character and it isn’t just about coaching, you have to handle the whole club. That could be an issue.

I think that’s probably why Klopp ended up getting knackered with the whole thing. I wonder whether going for a rookie like Alonso, a good rookie, but that may be viewed as a gamble too far.”

The concerns of Sutton are valid. However, Alonso has been a player of many top European clubs and has played under some phenomenal coaches. These things will surely help him in his course and Reds can have a gamble. On top of that, the truth is no one will be able to replace Klopp’s charisma, that is something that was simply always one of a kind.

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