BBL 21-22: New Rules making BBL even more exciting

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According to new data gathered from the KFC BBL, it has been shown that the unpredictability of its matches has increased hugely and people are enjoying watching the season more.

Last year, the BBL chiefs gave three new rules for all the teams which were the power surge, X-factor sub, and the Bash Boost point so that the game could come alive and the players and staff get used to it as quickly as possible.

The rules have finally started bearing fruit after a year of getting used to them.

Recent Examples of the Rules

The recent examples of these rules are the Melbourne Renegades’ last ball hold out against the Adelaide Strikers.

Josh Philippe’s heroics against the Melbourne Stars where he dispatched a ball into the stands.

Allrounder Hayden Kerr doing the same for the Sydney Sixers to get them over the line at the SCG.

After completing 25 percent of this year’s BBL|11, the percentage of “close games” has already gone up to 11 percentage points.

31 percent of this season’s games have been classified as “close games” wherein it was either a final overrun chase or where the margin was of six runs or less when the team batting first won.

It is an increase of 20 percent which was in BBL|10 and the number of close games increased by 25 percent by the end of last season.

Statement given by Cricket Australia’s General Manager Alistair Dobson

Cricket Australia’s General Manager of Big Bash Leagues, Alistair Dobson said that they are happy with how the rules have played out in their favor and have upped the excitement of the people.

Every competition in any sport, any league, lives and dies by the closeness of the contest.

He further added,

Fans, whether you’re on TV or at the ground, want an unpredictable outcome. As soon as there’s a game one-sided, or if it’s one-sided before the game even starts, then there’s so much less interest in the game.

Adding further,

A lot of work we do is around trying to find ways, where we can, to keep the games as close and exciting as we can.

Dobson also said that it is exciting to know how the teams have adapted to the newer rules.

Particularly the power surge, that seems to be one that’s really finding its feet and teams are using it really strategically.

He further said,

Even the Bash Boost, there’s been a few games this year where it’s added a real level of interest and excitement as teams chase that 10-over mark down.

Appreciation for the rules

These rules have also been appreciated by players such as Sean Abbott, although he feels that it took around a year for everyone to get used to it.

The last piece of the puzzle also fell into place as Perth Scorchers’ two home games against the Sydney Sixers and Thunder have been moved to Metricon Stadium because of Western Australia’s hard border.

But, it’s still a conversation in progress as the Perth Scorchers weren’t sure where they would host their home games this season.

Dobson was also worried about the rising COVID cases around the country and his primary concern was to keep players and staff safe.

When asked which team would make it to the finals of this year’s BBL, the chief decided to keep it guarded and did not reveal a clear-cut answer.

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