Beckham expresses the joy of England international Bukayo Saka

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England qualified into the Semi final of Euro 2024 after Bukayo Saka helped Three Lions with his successful penalty in tie breaker.

What really happened with Saka?

In Euro 2020, England qualified in the final and faced Italy. The match went into the tie breaker. At first England led Italy with Luke Shaw’s goal. Then the Italian defender Bonucci equalized the score line.

In the extra time, the score line remained 1-1. So, the match was dragged on to the tie breaker. In that tie breaker Bukayo Saka missed a penalty which was proved to be decisive in England’s defeat against Italy.

After that penalty miss, Bukayo Saka faced multiple criticism and inappropriate comments from the England fans. This heavy criticism has mentally impacted the young England international.

Four years later in Euro 2024, he got that same chance but this penalty was in the tie breaker of a quarter final.

This time Bukayo Saka scored the penalty for England and helped them to progress through the quarter finals.

Happiness after scoring a penalty for England

Few players get the chance to retrieve their career. When a player misses an important penalty for his country, it remains as a scar for the player.

In Euro 2024, Bukayo Saka got a chance of redemption. He took welcomed the opportunity with both hands and scored the penalty for England.

Although the penalty was a bit sloppy but Bukayo Saka somehow managed to send Yan Sommer in the wrong direction.

At the end of the day he scored a goal. So, everyone was cheering him. At that moment Bukayo Saka smiled back in joy. This incident shows how much crucial that penalty was. It was one of the most important penalties of his entire career.

Former England player and legend David Beckham has also experienced same situations during his entire career. For example Beckham scored a last minute free-kick in a World Cup match and saved the Three Lions from getting knocked out of World Cup. Before that heroic goal, England fans were booing him for his low level performances in World Cup.

That shows how interesting football can be. There are some moments in the full 90 minutes that can either make a player hero or a zero.

According to David Beckham said on Instagram, “That’s the smile we all needed to see… Courage & happiness @bukayosaka87, well done to the lads @england.”

This Instagram caption clearly expresses the happiness of England international Bukayo Saka. After scoring the penalty he smiled as if he has scored in the final.

Reason of extra happiness

In the quarter final England were trailing by one goal to Switzerland. Eventually Bukayo Saka leveled the scoreline with his left foot curler. So, this goal kept the Three Lions in the game. That is why the England fans are also grateful to him.

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