Belgian GP – Lewis Hamilton crashes into Fernando Alonso

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had a coming together in the opening lap of the 2022 Belgian GP.

F1 returned to the iconic track of Spa Francorchamps for the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix. The exciting race saw Max Verstappen victorious yet again after a dominating performance.

The race was quite enthralling with some opening lap chaos, spins, retirements, and contacts.

Hamilton and Alonso found each other at the center of this chaos. Both the veterans came together in the opening lap.

Hamilton tried to go on the outside of Fernando Alonso resulting in both making contacts which sent Lewis Hamilton‘s car flying in the air. The right rear of the Mercedes made contact with the left front of the Alpine causing the rear of W13 to lift in the air.

It can be observed from the replay that Alonso left enough space on the outside for Hamilton. However, Hamilton closed in a little too much closing the gap and causing the collision.

The incident caused Lewis Hamilton to retire from the race, marking his first retirement this season.

Fernando Alonso was furious with Lewis Hamilton at the 2022 Belgian GP

Alonso was not pleased after the contact. The Spaniard didn’t hide his feelings and went on to criticize Lewis Hamilton on his team radio for causing the collision.

Alonso called out the Briton an idiot. Alonso said:

“Yeah, what an idiot! Closing the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega start but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first.”

It was clear that Alonso was not pleased by the 7-times world champion’s driving style.

The Spaniard further went on to wag the finger at Lewis Hamilton who was exiting his stationary Mercedes as he drove past.

We can say the rather furious reaction was in the heat of the moment. But, it is well-known that the relationship between the ex-teammates is a bit on the bitter side.

The two shared a rather intense rivalry at McLaren as then-rookie Lewis Hamilton challenged World Champion Fernando Alonso every race. The relationship between the two grew sour back then and has remained like that fans think.

Lewis Hamilton took the responsibility for the crash

After the crash, Lewis Hamilton said accepting his mistake:

“Looking back at the footage, he was in my blind spot, and I didn’t leave him enough space, so it was my fault today. I’m just so sorry to the team.”

Although, when asked if he was going to talk to his ex-teammate and whether he was apologetic to him, the Briton brutally replied:

“No. I would have until I heard what he said. I know that’s how things feel in the heat of the moment, but it’s nice to know how he feels about me.”

Alonso dispersed his comments on team radio as the heat of the moment and in frustration.

He continued.

“He’s [Hamilton] now seen the incident and takes responsibility, which is very nice from him.”

Alonso went on to finish the race in an impressive P5 following a 5-second time penalty offered to Charles Leclerc after the race.

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