Bertolucci is outraged at Bublik: ‘Idols are usually winners and respect the opponent and the crowd’

Alexander Bublik, Six Sports

Alexander Bublik faced up against Lorenzo Sonego in the ATP 250 tournament finale on Sunday in Metz.

And once more he found himself in the sights of his criticism.

After dropping the match’s very first set, Bublik started to completely give up and changed his manner of playing.

Whatever occurred in the second section with Bublik, who failed to conclude an argument effectively, is indicative of his approach,

performing the hand smash while “having fun.”

Sonego persevered in that situation, used his opponent’s cunning to make his point, and refused to give up.

Bublik started laughing, which in certain ways looked crazy.

Those who sharply criticized Alexander and those who instead admired his outrage were on opposite sides of the social spectrum.

The former Italian tennis player Paolo Bertolucci is playing progressively good tennis without any entertaining opponents.

Nevertheless severely denigrated this second category of individuals, saying the following:  “Idols are usually winners and respect the opponent and the crowd.”

Paolo Bertolucci, a former tennis pro, is frequently quite active on social media,

and he has been the focus of harsh words of the American couple during the past few hours.

Many are in love with the madness of Alexander Bublik

Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock, the Laver Cup’s star players, are guilty of acting inappropriately with the Fedal.

However, in this instance, plain language and a desire to end the scenario that has generated much debate in recent hours are required.

Here’s the social query and response in which the former Italian tennis player served as the main character: 

Throughout his career, the Kazakh tennis player has received plenty of criticism for his temperament on the court when playing matches.

The 25-year-old tennis player’s style includes both brilliance and irresponsibility, occasionally even exaggeration.

He, possibly, was capable of doing much more thus far in the course of his professional life.

Many people, in some extreme ways, are in love with this tennis player’s craziness.

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