Boucher wants Mumbai Indians to fight hard in the upcoming season of the IPL

Indian Premier League

Mumbai Indians head coach, Mark Boucher wants the team to lift themselves quickly and get back to the international standards that they are expected to perform. Mark Boucher wants to inculcate the never-say-die attitude in the squad ahead of the next season. 

Boucher said

“We’ve spoken about it. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to go through a bit of time where you maybe don’t win a lot. I think the lessons that we’ve learned are important. We’ve sat down, we’ve spoken about the lessons there, and I think that’s the most important thing. You can get knocked down but you’ve got to get up again and for me, this year is about the getting-up stage and there won’t be any complacency,”

said Boucher.

He also talked about home advantage and the importance of fans.

“The fan base of Mumbai Indians is very important. If we get our fans behind us, it is going to be a plus playing against any team here in our hometown city. We are really looking forward to seeing some good support.”

“I’m sure a lot of the guys are really looking forward to getting Mumbai Indians back to where they should be and that’s at the top of the table,”

he said.

“We’ve got to play some good cricket, we’ve got to respect other opposition as well which we will do. But we’ve got to try and look after ourselves and make sure that everyone is pulling in the right direction to try and get us back to the top again, and that’s my job as a coach, to try and get them into that sort of space.”

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