Boyce sacked by Renegades before his historic double hat-trick

Boyce, Six Sports

Cameron Boyce, the double hat-trick hero for his side, the Melbourne Renegades was sacked by the team just hours before the game against Sydney Thunder.

Although he went on to achieve a milestone for himself, a rare record in the BBL, he was not retained by the franchise for the next season.

The Melbourne Renegades lost to Sydney Thunder by one run.

Boyce sacked by Renegades before his historic double hat-trick, Six Sports

It was Boyce who rattled Sydney Thunder with his amazing bowling spell.

The Renegades have dropped multiple players from their list after this season.

They only managed to win 31 matches out of a total of 42 and Boyce was one of the eight local players to get the axe at the end of this season.

The Renegades first won the BBL in the eighth season of the tournament.

Boyce sacked by Renegades before his historic double hat-trick, Six Sports

David Saker in an interview revealed,

Boyce sacked by Renegades before his historic double hat-trick, Six Sports

There’s quite a lot of players on our list that aren’t contracted next year so we’ve got some meetings to be had in the next week or so about that and we’ll make some decisions on players if we keep them in and if we don’t.

Adding further,

We also need to go out and recruit some players and obviously after the three years we’ve had, the performances aren’t really good enough, so we’re going to have to get some players in.

Boyce was disappointed with himself as he couldn’t get his team past the finish line and said he would’ve gladly traded his double hat-trick for a win for the Renegades.

He missed all of BBL|10’s matches because of injury.

He took 10 wickets this season and finished third on his club’s season tally while moving up to second in the all-time wicket-takers of the Renegades with 40 wickets from 34 games.

Boyce has taken 89 wickets in his nine seasons and is the eighth highest wicket-taker in the BBL.

In the post-match interview, he said,

There was a bit of time there last year where I didn’t know if I was going to be back playing again.

He further added,

It was unfortunate at the start of the year with the (calf) injury, it sucks being on a list and having to watch.

Boyce also admitted that he wasn’t even aware of his hat-trick before the boys talked about it in the huddle.

I knew after that because the boys said something in the huddle.

Signing off, he said,

I just bowled the same way I’ve been bowling for the last 10 years and fortunate enough today it went my way a little bit, but it doesn’t really count for much now.

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