Bringing culture into people’s opinions over Mankad? Ben Stokes responds to Harsha Bhogle’s tweets on controversial run-out

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MCC recently updated rules and regulations of normal playing norms. Amongst this mankading is legalized. But the players seem to be dissatisfied with this. They still consider it an unfair play of means especially English players. There was a controversial incident before this rule in IPL where Ravi Ashwin mankaded Jos Butler. Recently in the 3rd ODI between IND W and ENG W, there was a mankading incident. Deepti Sharma mankaded the English non striker end batsman. English media criticized her move and many players supported the ENG W. Harsha Bhogle retaliated and posted her support on Twitter. Ben Stokes has come up with a nice befitting reply.

Ben Stokes on Harsha Bhogle’s remarks

Ben Stokes on Twitter:

” Harsha bringing culture into peoples opinion over a Mankad? Harsha .. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you? “

The cricketing world is once again divided into 2 halves after this incident. Harsha Bhogle supported her and blamed colonizing nature of the England Board. Ben Stokes retweeted and targeted him for his blame. He told that he is trying to bring this culture of unfair means to the minds of fans and netizens. He even tried to defame the culture of ECB according to stokes.

Stokes mentioned how he was also criticized a lot for his world cup final incident when his bat touch the bowl unknowingly and it went for 4 runs. The fans too displayed anger and criticized him for his actions. He went on to say that England is not the only nation that spoke about this rule.

India W won the one-day international series against England W. They clean-swept the series by 3-0. The Indian team was led by Harmanpreet Kaur.

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