Buttler and Moeen are not in favor of running out batters at the non-striker’s end London

England players reaction on Mankading, Six Sports

ICC recently updated the rules of playing and introduced or changed some rules. Mankading or making the batsman out from the non-striker end was made legalized. Initially many teams challenged and there was considerable debate over this. But after ICC released the new rules, it was made a legal way of making the batsman out. But the English skipper and his deputy seem to be unhappy and unsatisfied and still challenging the rule. They are not in favor of running out of non-striker’s batsmen from that end.

Butler and Moen view on Mankading

Mankading incident is a matter of word of mouth and news whenever a such incident occurs. Recently, In the last match of 3 matches ODI series, Deepti Sharma mankaded the non-striker batsman. The England team looked disappointing and so as English people and the media. Although it was under the rules of the game, but the team challenged it as unfair means of play.

A similar incident took place in IPL 2019 when the cricketing world was divided into 2 halves. Jos Butler was run out in a similar fashion by Ravi Ashwin. At that time the rule was not issued, still, the umpires were satisfied with the move of the bowler.

England skipper Jos Butler told that he will call back the batsman if any teammate will attempt such. He considers it to be under the unfair play of means. Moeen even had the same views on it. His statement :

“I don’t think I’ll ever do it unless I was really angry with someone. It’s in the laws and there’s nothing illegal so people that do it have the right, but I just hope it doesn’t become a common thing, or something that’s regularly done. You are not really working to get a wicket. At least with a run-out, there’s a bit of work that has to be done, and with all the other dismissals. This is just waiting for the guy and taking the bails off. Even when I played cricket as a kid in the garden, it’s not my thing to do. “

MCC reacted to this and replied that earlier it was considered under the unfair play of means under the rule books. But the updated edition legalized this into rules of run out. So there should not be any debate over this.

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