Chelsea forward who was going to leave under Tuchel now stays

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Graham Potter who arrived as a replacement for Thomas Tuchel has now made a decision that Christian Pulisic stays at Chelsea. The American forward who was about to leave under Tuchel has now made a U-turn. Potter played an important role in the staying of Pulisic. Christian Pulisic is said to be admired by the new Chelsea boss.

According to sources, Potter loves Pulisic and American is also keen to stay at Stamford. Potter now plans to use him in upcoming games. There have been talks about a new contract offer given to Pulisic. He’ll get more game time under Potter than Tuchel and there are no reports about him leaving in January or even in the summer.

Jamie Carragher has other opinions about Chelsea’s forward

Football pundit Jamie Carragher wants Pulisic to leave in the January transfer window. Earlier, Timo Werner left Stamford for his former club for a transfer fee of £25million.

When asked on whether Pulisic should leave Chelsea like Werner did, Carragher replied:

“One hundred percent. A lot of footballers are different. I do scratch my head when I see certain players at clubs for a long time and they never really get into the team.

“And that’s why I think Thierry [Henry] is saying he respects Timo Werner. Rather than just sitting on the bench another year or two he’s gone back to somewhere where he’s going to play week in, week out. And I just think Pulisic is sort of at that stage now where there’s been a few managerial changes.

“It looks like he’s getting more of a chance with Potter, but not just him, I think Graham Potter is a manager who changes it every game so everyone is getting a chance. So he may feel like he’s getting more of an opportunity to prove to the manager he can be in that recognised 11.

“But he’s been there a few years now, it hasn’t quite happened for him for whatever reason, and maybe Dortmund is a level down from Chelsea, who are a team who are trying to win the Champions League – we know Pulisic was part of that win. But eventually you have to make that decision. I don’t think you can continue to be in that position that he’s been in for the last two or three years.”

He added

“I’ve never questioned Pulisic’s actual ability, some of the things I’ve seen him do, some of the goals I’ve seen him score,” Carragher added. “But it’s consistency and injuries. He’ll get a run in the team then get injured and it gives someone else an opportunity.

“He never seems to get a run in the team and I think it will be difficult for him [under Potter]. Maybe his time has come and gone. But we’re in the early stages of Graham Potter so who knows. Fingers crossed he can.”

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