Chelsea player Raheem Sterling on being impressed with the Liverpool player

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Chelsea‘s new signing Raheem Sterling shared with GQ Sports that he have been impressed with Liverpool‘s captain at the training. The Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson have managed to impress the Chelsea player. Sterling and Henderson have played together at Liverpool before Sterling made a switch to Manchester City back in 2015. Both players have played together at both club and international levels.

Chelsea’s Sterling on his former Liverpool teammate

Sterling praises Henderson as one of those players who really steps up in big games and delivers in big games. While talking to GQ Sports on their YouTube channel he praises the Liverpool captain,

 “A gem. Another leader. He works, works, works so whenever you see someone that gets their praise and some of the stuff he achieves, he deserves every single thing because when they say hard-work, he’s the definition of that for me.”

He continued further,

“He always trains like he plays, then delivers in big moments. He leads Liverpool by example, another player I think that we’re lucky to have in the national team.” 

Henderson will be hoping to get a place in the starting lineup at the Qatar World Cup.

Liverpool player Henderson to help the team at Qatar

The Liverpool Captain have a decorated career at the club. His experience at the game will be a great help for the new emerging stars like Jude Bellingham, and Phil Foden. While Henderson might not be a starter at Qatar but it will always be a benefit for the young players to have someone of his character on the team. As of now both Raheem Starling and Jordan Henderson are preparing for the World Cup at the England camp.

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