Chelsea youngster already showing signs to become a star player

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Chelsea manager Graham Potter joined the club back in September after the sacking of Thomas Tuchel. Although it has been a few months, the manager have already faced a few tests of the job. His arrival at Stamford Bridge was full of optimism and energy. Potter was hopeful to steady the boat that was rocked by the departure of Tuchel. While he was not the favorite pick by the fans, his performance at Brighton & Hove Albion provided a positive platform for him. This optimism continued till the end of October. Chelsea remained unbeaten under their new manager for nine games. However, the unbeaten run did not last long for Potter. With a downpour of bad results, Potter was put under a lot of pressure before the resumption of the Premier League.

Chelsea’s manager might have found a new talent

Graham Potter would need a drastic turnaround of the team to even end up in the top 4. The team’s performance must improve if they wish to finish in the top 4. Chelsea should also remember the performance by the young Lewis Hall. The 18-year-old is now very much a member of the senior squad after making a few appearances for Thomas Tuchel. Lewis Hall have already made two starts under the new manager and have arguably outperformed some of his experienced teammates. His performance against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup was amazing and should have been topped off with a goal. He also earned his Premier League debut against Newcastle United three days after the Carabao Cup. Although Chelsea lost that match, the youngster was successful in sending a message to the manager about his talents. Hall was able to convince the fans that they can expect to see more of such performances by him.

But with most players returning to Chelsea after the World Cup, Lewis Hall might have to wait a little bit more to show off his talents. Though there is no doubt that Hall is in the future of the Club if not in the present.

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