Chris Sutton predicts that one Liverpool star may also leave with Jurgen Klopp and Van Dijk

Chris Sutton suggests that £8m Liverpool defender may also leave the club with Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool manager recently announced that he will leave the club and Chris says Andy Robertson may also leave. Moreover, former Reds man, McAteer, believes Trent Alexander Arnold and Virgil van Dijk may also leave. Indeed, Virgil is committed to his career with the club.

Chris gives his prediction on Liverpool man Robertson

Speaking on the It’s All Kicking Off Podcast today, former PL winner Sutton added in Andy Robertson to the mix as well.

I feel sad that he’s leaving because he’s been such a giant. But it’s the challenge since he’s been in at Liverpool and how they’ve pushed Manchester City. I suppose there are also people out there who think it’s the end of an era with Klopp. Looks like Salah will move on.

Would the likes of Van Dijk think well Klopp brought me into Liverpool and think about elsewhere. Just another challenge. I think it will have had a massive impact on the team and they’ll be desperate for Klopp to leave on a high. You can’t speak for individuals like Van Dijk but maybe Robertson as well, maybe they’ll see that as an end of an era and move on.”

The Scotland captain has been a ‘top player‘ for Liverpool since signing for them. The suggestion he will be following the manager out of Liverpool is a bit “uneasy to digest“. In fact, he will most likely be amongst the players who will be staying at Anfield, kicking the ball under new management.

Despite Chris’ suggestions, it will be a huge surprise to see the left back leaving the club. Moreover, if Trent and Van Dijk are out of the club and Salah is shipped to Middle East, he will be the club’s strongest candidate for captaincy. Being one of the most senior players, it will be his responsibility to adhere all the pieces together.

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