Chris Sutton reacts to Chelsea takeover involving Crystal Palace Owners

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Chris Sutton believes Crystal Palace supporters would be furious at shareholder Josh Harris who is among the 4 candidates for the Chelsea football club takeover.

One of the 4 candidates involved is Sir Martin Broughton and Lord Coe, who are the head of a consortium. Crystal Palace owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are funding this operation. If the Palace duo is successful in their venture., They may need to step away from the Crystal Palace board. Crystal Palace and the Premier League won’t allow a person/persons to have a share in two clubs at the same time. According to reports, Harris and Blitzer are ready to sell their share of the club.

Chris Sutton’s Verdict on the Chelsea takeover involving Palace owners

Chris Sutton opened up after hearing the news. He believes that Palace supporters would be furious. The owners eyeing investing in another club just goes to show they were never interested in their own club. By giving false promises to fans and supporters, They have cheated them and they rightfully should be furious.

“Palace fans will be furious with this, really. They will look at the owners who have their eye on another club and think they are not concentrating and never have been too bothered about our club. It was always about the next month, and their heart isn’t in it. I think Palace fans will be deeply unhappy with this.”

Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea back in 2003. During this time period, Chelsea was recognized as a mid table team. However, this quickly changed as Abramovich brought in Jose Mourinho who brought the club a Premier League title. Since 2003, Chelsea has won 18 trophies which includes winning the Premier League 5 times and two Champions League cups.

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