Christian Horner responds to Toto Wolff: “that would be illegal”

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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has warned his Mercedes counterpart to avoid the “illegal” action during the summer break.

Mercedes is working hard to cover the lost ground to the Championship Leaders Ferrari and Red Bull. Since the regulations change, the Silver Arrows are struggling to get their car at the top spot this season.

However, in recent races, Mercedes has shown improvement and a strong pace. The team even scored a double podium at French GP this weekend, their first this season!

Nevertheless, the season is going on summer break after the Hungarian GP. This means the teams have to stop the upgrades and close their machines till the Belgian GP.

Christian Horner warned after the French GP:

“I hear Toto said they are going to work throughout the summer break to improve the car, which would, of course, be illegal.”

Lewis Hamilton secured a strong P2 accompanied by Russell’s P3 after his late overtake on Sergio Perez.

However, both the drivers were still behind Max Verstappen and seemed unable to match the pace of Red Bull. Hamilton himself was astonished by the pace of Red Bull.

Christian Horner said that Mercedes pace was getting strong but not a matter of concern for Red Bull as of now.

“They were certainly talking up their chances coming into the weekend. I think in the end Max was reasonably comfortable.”

“But you can see they are chipping away at it, they are getting closer and closer,”

added Horne.

Christian Horner is shocked by Red Bull’s performance so far

Red Bull is leading the Championship battle. Red Bull is ahead of its main rival Ferrari in both Constructors and Drivers championships.

However, Horner is nothing short of shocked by the way they have performed so far. According to the British, the current situation of Red Bull was beyond his “wildest dreams”.

“If you had told me going into Christmas last year that with the biggest regulation change in 40 years, with the effort that we put into last year’s championship, that we would be sitting here with eight Grand Prix victories, two sprint race victories and leading both championships by 64 and 82 points respectively, that would have been beyond my wildest expectations,”

said by Horner.

Christian Horner gives credit to the people back at the factory for their hard work.

I think that it really is a testament to the determination, dedication, and hard work that has gone on behind the scenes within the factory.

“We’ve seen Ferrari very competitive also this year, we see Mercedes for sure are gathering momentum, but considering we were probably the last team to transition fully onto this car, it has been a phenomenal job.”

Red Bull seems strong and is overshadowed by Ferrari on a few occasions. Nevertheless, Red Bull’s pace is almost evenly matched, if not more than that of Ferrari. Added with Ferrari reliability issues and strategic blunder, the season has played really good for Red Bull so far.

Red Bull has really outperformed Ferrari so far as a whole team.

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