Clément Lenglet’s Future at Aston Villa: Wage Negotiations Key to His Stay

FC Barcelona defender, Clément Lenglet, seems to prefer staying in Europe rather than heading to Saudi Arabia, even as he considers his future with Aston Villa. The center-back joined Aston Villa last summer on a season-long loan, and while the club is pleased with his professionalism and work ethic, his high wages from his Barcelona contract could complicate a permanent move.

Clément Lenglet’s Salary Talks: Aston Villa Aims to Retain Defender

Originally, Lenglet declined an offer from Saudi Arabia before signing with Aston Villa. Despite knowing there is renewed interest from Middle Eastern clubs, the 28-year-old is not eager to leave Europe. In fact, he appears interested in extending his stay at Villa Park, where he’s made 24 appearances this season. Even though he has seen limited playing time since the start of April.

Villa manager Unai Emery and the club’s director, Monchi, had discussed Lenglet’s future at a recent meeting. Exploring options for keeping him on the team. The Premier League side has expressed satisfaction with his performances and appreciates his commitment to the club. Thus, the idea of requesting another loan deal from Barcelona is still on the table.

However, the main issue is Lenglet’s salary. His contract with Barcelona runs through 2026, and Aston Villa would need to negotiate a lower wage for any long-term deal to be feasible. The challenge arises because a portion of his Barcelona salary was deferred during the Covid-19 pandemic. So meaning the financial commitment could be significant for Aston Villa.

Consequently, talks between Aston Villa and Barcelona will be necessary to address these salary concerns. As well as determine if Lenglet is willing to accept a pay cut. Should the negotiations progress smoothly. Aston Villa may seek another loan or even a permanent transfer, keeping Lenglet in Europe as he desires. Although his playing time has decreased recently, both the club’s leaders. Also coaching staff seem keen to retain him for his work ethic and positive attitude.

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