Cristiano Ronaldo left Robin Gosens feeling small after he snubbed shirt swap.

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Cristiano Ronaldo left Robin Gosens feel completely ashamed after denying his request to swap shirts in a brutal fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets plenty of requests for his shirts after games. It is either from opposition players or the fans. For most of the games, he is happy to oblige. Although, for one player in particular the request to swap shirts with the iconic forward resulted in one of the most embarrassing moments of his career.


Germany international Robin Gosens has told he was disappointed after his efforts to get his hands on Ronaldo’s shirt backfired. Gosens came up against forward a few times during Ronaldo’s time at Juventus. He said, ” After the final whistle I went to him… but Ronaldo did not accept,” Gosens wrote in Dreams Are Worthwhile. “I asked: ‘Cristiano, can I have your shirt?’. He didn’t even look at me, he just said: ‘No!’.“I was completely ashamed. I went away and felt small.


Gosens would eventually get his hands on a Ronaldo shirt. Footage from social media shows fellow defender Hans Hatebooer surprised the 27-year-old with a Juventus shirt. This incident drew laughter from his teammates in the dressing room. Gosens thought ended up getting some revenge on Ronaldo. The defender was a part of the German side that Portugal 4-2 at last summer’s Euro 2020 tournament. He managed to get himself on the scoresheet and picked up the man of the match award.

Currently, Ronaldo is preparing for a new season with Manchester United under new manager Erik Ten Hag. Whereas Robin Gosens is looking forward to a new season with Inter Milan. This type of story tells you in football or life if you are arrogant towards another season, it will bite you back in some or another way.

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