Croatia EURO 2024: A Story Of Missed Opportunities!


As we delve into the data from EURO 2024, one intriguing observation stands out: To date, Croatia stands with the highest predicted average goals (xG) of the competition measuring 6. 5. But they have been poor in the forward line; the men have done better and have only landed 2 goals (including one own goal). This aspect shows that their anticipated expectations fail to match their performance on the field, as exemplified by their missed goals or lack of goals scored.

Though, Croatia has tested the opponent and created many opportunities for themselves which they could not take. The statistics reveals that although they produced efficient attacking opportunities, the ability to work the chances into goals has been a problem. This inability to complete builds their opportunities has now become a disadvantage as they are on the edge of bowing out of the competition.

Key stats that highlight Croatia’s attacking prowess include:

  • Expected Goals (xG): 6.50
  • Goals Scored: 2 (excluding 1 own goal)
  • Progressive Passes: 124
  • Progressive Carries: 62

These statistic facts are evidences enough to show that Croatia had all it took to contested for the tourney. Based on the analysis of the accumulated data, it can be mentioned that the team is capable of creating opportunities for scoring goals. Evidenced by high xG and the proportion and stock of progressive passes and carries. But they scored goals for a conversion rate that was far off their xG which effectively pushed them to the fringes of the tournament. This underlines the fact not only with creating chances, however when, and where, converting them in the opponents’ half.

Croatia Still Relying on Their Old Guns in Big Tournaments Like EURO 2024.

Apart from their finishing woes, Croatia other problem has been their over-reliance on experienced players. In the big tournaments like EURO 2024. The team’s sole goal scorers in this competition, Luka Modric and Andrej Kramaric, are prime examples of this reliance.

For the Croatian side, the playmaker and captain of the midfield, Luka Modric is the life force in the team. Modric performs specific skills, such as the game tempo, vision, and accuracy of the passing. Modric in terms of leadership and experience has no match. In the current squad but the problem is that at this age of 38 he may not be able to play at this best level anymore.

But nevertheless the primary threat in the attacking third for Croatia remains Andrej Kramaric. HIS physical strength and sense of the game make him become a nuisance in the final third of the pitch. Kramaric has been the second string and he like Modric is also closer to his last days of his illustrious career. Despite the fact that he has the playing years in him at 32. Croatia still depends too much on him, which makes their team look quite weak in terms of the young talents.

While it is good knowledge that these players are still active in the local team. Too much reliance on them shows that Croatia may have a problem in the next events like world cup and euro on the pipeline. Since there is noticeable slow reaction among the younger players. They are more than capable of assuming the additional responsibilities. And have the potential to be a part of the higher class of players. Such assets should be incorporated into the group. This has to be done if Croatia is to become competitive on the international scene. As it is now evident that they are making this change. In conclusion, Croatia‘s EURO 2024 campaign has been a story of missed opportunities. Their high xG demonstrates their ability to create chances, but their poor conversion rate has hindered their progress.

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