Daniel Ricciardo becomes a menace at the Singapore GP

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Daniel Ricciardo finished P5 at the Singapore GP, however, the Australian’s nuisance over the weekend caught more attention.

Daniel Ricciardo was totally in a mood of wreaking havoc in the paddock ahead of the free practice at the Singapore GP.

He started by sneaking into the frame of Max Verstappen‘s interview with Media. The Aussie waved at the cameras as the Dutchman spoke before mouthing “Hi mum.”

McLaren was racing in a special livery for the weekend. The cyberpunk inspires futuristic livery accompanied by special suits for the drivers too.

Ricciardo was found spreading his wings in his new suit. Nevertheless, the Aussie continued spreading his menace in the paddock.

The 33-year-old then headed to the AplhaTauri garage. There he joined Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly in the blind taste test.

Afterward, Ricciardo enjoyed a spin in his scooter around the paddock before giving an interview. In the interview, he joked how he was “ready to suffer, pleasantly.” After all, the weekend is a tough one since the heat and humidity of Singapore take a huge toll on drivers.

Anyways, the Aussie then went to bomb the interview of George Russell. The Briton was giving an interview to Will Buxton before Ricciardo hopped in joking with the 24-years-old Mercedes driver.

“This guy always rocks up out of nowhere,”

joked Russell.

“Very, very sneaky, sir,” replied Ricciardo, adding,“

have you seen Mr Deeds?”

“I haven’t… that jut sounded really weird, whatever you just did,”

replied the Mercedes driver with a chuckle.

“I’m a bit lost now [as to] where we were… whenever he’s just within reach, he’s just a big orange distraction,”

laughed Russell.

“You do yours and I’ll do mine,”

he smiled as he tried to continue his interview. 

“I’m surprised your kit’s still on mate, it’s pretty hot!”

added Ricciardo.

“It is, don’t worry. It’s coming, it’s coming”

laughed Russell.

Daniel Ricciardo is leaving McLaren after the 2022 season. The Aussie is yet to secure a seat for the 2023 season and his future seems uncertain.

Ricciardo finished Singapore GP in an impressive P5 after starting the race in P16.

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