Darwin Nunez says that £45 million Liverpool player has terrible sense of style


Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz both think that Darwin Nunez is Liverpool’s best dressed.

We’re accustomed to seeing Reds players dressed in, let’s say, interesting garb by this point. Trent Alexander-Arnold was recently spotted wearing Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, and Ibrahima Konate has recently garnered the admiration of his teammates.

Therefore, we’re sure that Nunez and Diaz’s Reds colleagues were curious to hear the response when they were asked to name the best dressed at Liverpool during The Friendship Test on the Premier League’s website today.

Well, as it turns out, it’s very good news for Curtis Jones, but less so for poor Diogo Jota.

Curtis,” answered Nunez, relatively quickly. “I do think Curtis dresses well,” agreed Diaz.

He dresses well. The worst one is Diogo Jota!” Darwin continued, with a mischievous smile. “No, no, no!” laughed a tickled Lucho.

Nunez and Diaz make fashion statement

Nunez and Diaz’s brief video today revealed a few more intriguing details.

The two obviously get along well with one another. The South Americans appear close, even though they have only been playing together at Liverpool for about eighteen months.

A pleasant moment occurred when the two were asked to identify Diaz’s greatest personal trait.

They both write “humble,” so it’s clear that they know each other fairly well.

We also learned about the progress of Nunez and Diaz’s English classes. Nunez has had documented difficulties with the English language ever since his arrival. Lucho doesn’t appear to have advanced much in that area either.

Interestingly, though, both players chose the Colombian as the speaker of the best English. Regretfully, it doesn’t seem like a very high standard.

We also discovered that Ronaldinho was Diaz’s childhood football idol. That’s not shocking at all, considering the cheerful manner in which our number seven plays.

It’s good to hear from Nuez and Diaz who we don’t often see interacting with one another off the field. Just keep this hidden from Diogo.

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