David Coulthard: Max is 100% more relaxed and matured

David Coulthard, Six Sports

Ex-F1 driver David Coulthard believes that Max Verstappen has become more calm and mature after winning his first World Championship.

Max Verstappen is famous for his aggressiveness. The Dutch driver has gotten into many incidents due to his aggressive nature. However, the 24-year-old has shown us a different side this season.

Max Verstappen has come out to be much more relaxed and most importantly mature this season. He is avoiding going too hard and has played the patience game a lot this season.

This new maturity in personality hasn’t gone unnoticed. David Coulthard has pointed out how rather than becoming fast, Verstappen has become more calm, relaxed, and mature.

Recalling an old interview the Briton had with Verstappen after the controversial Abu Dhabi GP in 2021.

Coulthard told:

“What really sticks with me is that I had an interview with him the day after Abu Dhabi. His manager Raymond Vermeulen wanted me to do the interview, but before that I thought ‘Oh god, this is the day after, how will that go?’ But once inside there was a kind of striking, almost serene calm. Jos [Verstappen] was very calm and Max was very calm himself.”

“He then of course also said ‘everything that comes next is a bonus’. It is very easy for drivers to say something like that, but I believe that for Max it was sincere. His life goal was achieved and you can see that in his driving this year.”

added the Brit.

He has not become faster – David Coulthard

Max Verstappen sits comfortably on top of the drivers standings. The Dutch is all set to win his second title as his main rival Charles Leclerc seems to be completely out of form for winning the title from here.

David Coulthard has pointed out that rather than being fast this season, what really has helped Verstappen is, a more relaxed and mature nature. Coulthard told:

“Is he faster? No, I don’t think so, because he was already very fast. Better than 2021 is almost impossible in that respect. But is he more relaxed and mature? That one hundred percent.”

Coulthard further compared Verstappen’s performance with his Monegasque counterpart Leclerc:

“If you look at Charles, there is still a certain fear in his driving. That’s perhaps logical as Ferrari have left points they shouldn’t have left. But Max doesn’t make those few mistakes anymore and they do make a difference,”

said Coulthard.

“Max can now even opt for the ‘spinning and winning’ tactic,” Coulthard continued while laughing. “That race in Budapest, from ten to one, I also see as one of his best races so far.”

If you look at the season so far, it won’t be easy to disagree with Coulthard. Charles Leclerc has lost multiple races and 100+ points due to Ferrari blunders, reliability issues, and his own unforced errors.

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