David Lloyd makes a massive statement about India and Virat Kohli

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England pulled a rabbit out of the hat winning an unlikely match against Pakistan at Rawalpindi. Ben Stokes has been instrumental so far in bringing out the fearlessness in Test Cricket. Former English commentator, David Llyod has praised the English approach and has compared it with the approach of the West Indies and Australia in their prime. He said that there is no current team that is capable to play like England. 

What did David Lloyd say?

“It is not totally new, of course. The Australian team of the 90s was very positive and the great West Indian sides were full of exhilarating stroke-makers. I reckon a team capable of this style now is India. They have all the tools. There has been a suspicion that Indian batters are stats-driven but Virat Kohli is one who could drive this,”

the former cricketer-turned-commentator wrote in his column for The Daily Mail.

But the English Pundit said that if there is anyone who could bring about a change and be fearless with the approach is no other than Virat Kohli. He feels that India is capable of playing fearless cricket as they have incredible stroke makers in their line-up. Virat Kohli could drive about the change in Indian Cricket which could be revolutionary, feels David Lloyd.

India is being led by Rohit Sharma after Kohli left the captaincy from all three formats. The subcontinent team would be keen to break free and qualify for the final of the World Test Championship for the second time in a row. 

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