Dortmund looking for a replacement for Sebastian Haller

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Borussia Dortmund have been dealt a major blow in the last few days. Sebastian Haller is suffering from testicular cancer and is set to undergo chemotherapy. Moreover, further examinations have revealed that the testicular tumor has turned malignant which means he is away from footballing action for a few months now while undergoing treatment. Now Dortmund is on the lookout for a new replacement striker this summer

Sebastian Haller joined Borussia Dortmund in July of 2022. He was signed as a replacement for Erling Haaland who left Dortmund for Manchester City. The previous season we saw a magnificent performance from Haller. Haller became the fastest player to score ten goals in the champions league last season. He beat Cristiano Ronaldo’s record in the 2017-18 season to achieve this feat. Moreover, he played every match in the Champions League with Ajax and became the first player to score in seven consecutive matches in the competition. At the league level too, he had an outstanding year. He scored 21 league goals in 31 appearances for Ajax and finished as the top scorer in Eredivisie. This performance led to many speculations about his future, however, the player ultimately chose Borussia Dortmund as his next club.

Dortmund manager Terzic not worried about new strikers

Now, without a main striker, Dortmund are looking to sign a temporary replacement for the player this summer. However, Edin Terzic has stated that there is no cause for worry regarding a new striker. He has stressed the importance of having a great youth department and finding internal solutions with the player available at his disposal. Edin Terzic said:

“My job as head coach is to look for an internal solution. We have an excellent youth department, and we have some really good players in our squad. My job is to make sure we find the right solution there for next week. The news of Sebastien’s illness is hurting us brutally. We are dealing with it in a very emotional way. We miss him a lot, but we can certainly play for him.”

However, Borussia are still on the lookout for a striker, just in case of an emergency. One such player that they are on the lookout for is Giovanni Simeone. Simeone plays as a forward for Hellas Verona. Simeone scored an impressive 17 goals last season for Hellas Verina last summer and according to Marca (as reported by Fansided) Borussia Dortmund are leading the race to sign the player

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