Dressing room’s atmosphere affected, not healthy sign: Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra, Six Sports

Anjum Chopra has been one of India’s best batswomen ever who relied majorly on timing and had a Rohit Sharma-like lazy elegance while going about her business. Years after parting ways with the game, Chopra has taken to commentating like fish to water and is now a popular voice of cricket.

In a recent chat she opened up on the Women’s Cricket team, much-talked-about head coach saga, India eves realistic chances of winning in England, and teen sensation Shafali Verma’s rise.

Anjum Chopra wants India to win but claimed that hard

When asked about India’s chances of winning in England, she reckoned adapting to the conditions would be the key and the faster they do it the better it is. “I would want them to win, there is nothing better. But again, when you talk of the realistic chances, it is a very good team and the faster they adapt, it would be better as you would then get to see a competitive series,” Anjum Chopra said.

Anjum Chopra, Six Sports

Hailing teen sensation Shafali Verma’s quick rise, the former left-handed opener admitted that one hopes big things from her as she is young. But she also emphasized that it is important that Shafali does justice to her talent and for that to happen one needs to wait.

“You have picked a youngster, you hope that she comes good. We hope she does justice to the talent for whichever team she plays. And for the talent to come good, one has to wait and wait,” she added.

Anjum Chopra on Head Coach Saga

Anjum Chopra also spoke on the women’s head coach saga when Ramesh Powar was reappointed. When asked if a frequent change of coach does any good to the side, she said, “No, of course, it is not good. Do you always want to keep changing personnel at your workplace? It is not a healthy sign.

Anjum Chopra, Six Sports

See, whatever happened between Ramesh Powar and Mithali Raj, all of that came out from the dressing room only. It was not the case that somebody sitting in Mumbai or in some other part of the world was calling the shots. The atmosphere of course is affected because everything is coming out from inside the dressing-room,” Anjum Chopra went on to add further.

She Claims that both Ramesh Powar and WV Raman are accomplished coaches. She also hinted that if their coaching credentials are not the problem, it could be something else.

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