England may find it tough to win Ashes without families: Jos Buttler

Buttler Ashes, Six Sports

Jos Buttler thinks that it will be difficult for England to bring back the Ashes. This is because there will be no families of England players to support them.

The English cricket team travels to Australia in November and plays the first Ashes Test at the Gabba in Brisbane from December 8. However, they may not be able to be accompanied by their families due to the Covid-19 protocols in Australia.

Buttler on upcoming Ashes at Australia

“That [bringing back Ashes] would be a huge challenge, especially when you are accustomed to being able to take your family,” Buttler was quoted as saying by

Buttler Ashes, Six Sports

“A lot of the guys have young families, so I am sure they would find that tough. Hopefully, a positive solution can be found,” Jos Buttler added.

England wind up the Ashes on January 18 in Perth. Prior to that, the likes of Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes will also be representing England on the tours of Pakistan, Bangladesh. After that, there is the T20 World Cup in the line.

This will mean a long time in quarantine and an almost five-month stay away from their families. Cricket Australia has reportedly requested the Australian government to allow English cricketers` families to travel with them.

Buttler Ashes, Six Sports

On the other hand the rotation policy in England cricket has been criticized. Buttler said “I think in England we’re playing a lot of cricket, more than most, I think. And obviously there’s a lot of cricket left this year and there’s some big cricket to come up. I think it’s important for everyone to be looked after really well and I think the ECB does a good job of that.”

Buttler said it was “the dream” to play in all five Tests against India this summer. Then in the Ashes over the winter despite a “daunting” schedule. He believes the red-ball side is improving despite recent setbacks.

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