England national player embroiled in £30,000 blackmail plot

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International England star got himself embroiled £30,000 blackmail plot after he was reported to be having sex with £150 transsexual escort in the midst of lockdown. The reports said that the player is widely famous- who reported the escort to the police.

Reports suggest that the Premier League star contacted the ‘pre-op’ woman. He got into contact with the aforementioned woman after coming across her profile on a social media website. The Sun reports, that this player visited her apartment regularly. This apartment was situated in the city-centre. The rent of this apartment was £1,000 per month.

The player made a transaction to this women worth £150 on April, 2021. The star obviously hoped to keep this news under cover and obviously wanted to hide the news from public. However, the escort reportedly taped him without his knowledge. Moreover, she saved his messages and took photos of his flat-sitting in her car. This was then used to blackmail the player worth £30,000. This amount was said to be paid in cash by the player.

After this incident, the player reported this incident to the police. The police, then arrested the escort on suspicion of blackmail and she was also questioned by the police about their meetings. However, the player refused to cooperate with the police and the case was not taken further. His club has also been reportedly informed about the allegations. However, the club’s stance is not known.

What the Sun told about the England national player

A Sun source said, “No one knows if the player knew the woman was transgender, but he was desperate to keep her quiet once she threatened to expose him.”

He handed over the cash on a few occasions before realising that the only way of stopping the situation was by going to the police. They were keen to gather evidence because blackmail is a serious crime.”

But the footballer was really worried his name would come out and it would lead to him being abused by fans.”

They needed to see his mobile phone messages and also bank transfers, so they had no choice but to reluctantly drop the case.”

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