English Premier League: Who will be the final top 4?

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Manchester City might have secured the title but the battle for the final Top 4 is still on in the most-watched football league around the world.

The 2020-21 season of the Premier League will remind you of a roller coaster ride. The Premier League table never looked consistent as the apex kept changing throughout the season. It was the Sky Blues who hold their grip tightly on the top spot and never let it slipped. With the title race over the hunt for Champions League is yet to be concluded.

There are 2 spots and 4 potential contenders to grab it as we approach the end of the season. On one hand, Chelsea and Leicester City hanging on to the spots currently to secure a place in the Champions League. While on the other side Liverpool and West Ham are the two most potential candidates to snatch the spots from Leicester and Chelsea, who are currently on to 3rd and 4th spot in the Premier League table.

Who is most likely to end up in the Top 4 of the Premier League this season:

The two Manchesters have secured their place in the Top 4. With one being crowned the champions and the other hanging on to the 2nd spot being 4 points clear.

Looking at the fixtures left Chelsea and Leicester would collide later this week. Moreover, both of them can’t win so one must drop points which will invite the likes of West ham and Liverpool who are knocking on the Top 4 doors

West Ham, who is currently sitting 6th in the League table with 58 points (6 points behind the 4th spot), has 3 games in hand. If they want to qualify they should win all three games and hope for Leicester and Liverpool to lose in their respective fixtures. The odds look tough but not impossible for West Ham United.

Talking about the former Premier League champions, Liverpool is currently holding on to 5th in the Premier League table. The Reds have 60 points in their bag i.e 4 behind Chelsea and 6 behind Leicester but they have a game in hand to play. If Jurgen Klopp’s side wishes to end up in the Top 4 they would have to win all the 3 fixtures.

The worst-case scenario for the Reds will be if Chelsea wins all its remaining fixtures and Leicester wins their last Fixture then even if Liverpool wins all its remaining fixtures the picture of Goal difference will decide the spots.

Tottenham and Everton fans might be too optimistic to think about the Top 4 finish. It is highly unlikely for the two clubs to somehow end up in the Top 4. Both the clubs have 3 fixtures remaining and they would be hoping that teams above them lose all their remaining matches to clinch a spot in the Top 4.

Looking at the current Scenario and the fixture list in the Premier League. It looks like Chelsea and Liverpool will be the two favorites to eventually clinch on the Top 4 spots this season.

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