Euro 2020 Champions are out of Euro 2024

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Recently, the Italian national team have experienced the worst campaign in Euro 2024. Italian football has hit rock bottom.

The Italian downfall in Euro 2024

For decades, the Azzuris were one of the best European forces in football. They had legendary players like Paolo Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro, Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Del Piero, Nesta, and many more. Teams like Brazil used to fear them because of their dominance in defending as well as in attacking. At times of need, these players showed character and brought Italy back to glory. They even won a World Cup in 2006. This triumph was impossible if they refused to show strong character. The Italian national team was known for their world-class defense. But now that the Italy team is struggling in Euro 2024 and conceding goals to multiple opponents, they got kicked out of the group stage. They played the last game against Switzerland, where Vargas scored for the Swiss. The Italian defense has lost its solidity. With the likes of Bastoni and Calafiori in defense, Italy failed to survive the Swiss attack. These young players lack experience at the international level. After going one goal down, they were so nervous that they were miss-passing and giving the ball to the opponent’s feet. They were struggling to keep the ball on their feet. The Swiss were pressing them, and they were releasing the ball. On top of that, they had low ball possession.

Spalletti’s tactics in Euro 2024

By watching Italy’s game, every spectator could understand that either the manager, Luciano Spalletti, didn’t have any plans or his tactics were not effective against the opponents. Every Italian supporter had high hopes for their team because former Italy coach Roberto Mancini guided the Azzuris to the peak of international football. In this Euro 2024 tournament, many of the players from the previous Euro-winning squad were excluded. The list includes Spinazzola, Ciro Immobile, Locatelli, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Bernardeschi, and many more. After conceding one goal, they didn’t show any change in their game. They kept playing in a carefree manner, as if they were winning the match. Several fans thought that this Italian team which have played in Germany, was better than Antonio Conte’s Italy.

Reaction of Italian media

After watching the defeat against Switzerland, some of the best Italian football experts said, “I’ve never seen such a bad performance from the national team.” According to Football Italia, the list of experts includes Fabio Caressa, Sandro Sabatini, and Enrico Mentana. Their comment expresses the level of performance Italy gave at Euro 2024. Some pundits were also saying that Italy does not have big players like Jude Bellingham and Jamaal Musiala who can save their team with some magical moments. Although Italy has Federico Chiesa, his abilities were not enough to save Italy from the Euro 2024 elimination. Generally, several questions will be raised about the coaching method of Luciano Spalletti. We won’t be surprised if the Azzuris change their current head coach.

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