Everton could be sold between £250m and £300m


The sports news outlet, Goodison News invited Dr. Daniel Plumly, as their exclusive columnist. Dr. Plumley happens to be a expert in the field of football finance. However, he will be giving out his opinions on Everton on financial matters via Goodison News.

The current Everton owner, Farhad Mohshiri might sell the club to interested personalities if they can match his value. Mohshiri is facing a lot of backlash from the Everton fans of late. This is because under his regime, the club went further down in the ranks and almost faced relegation in the recently concluded season.

Mohshiri is valuing the club at £500 million but Dr. Plumly said that his demand is outrageous. A report published mentioned that Peter Kenyon’s consortium offered Mohshiri £380 million to buy out his stake.

The interview on the takeover situation of Everton

Throwing more light on this takeover dilemma, Dr. Plumly said the following to Goodison news in the exclusive interview:

“£380million is more realistic, but still high, in my opinion.”

“A more realistic benchmark for Everton is between £250million and £300million and that’s still on the higher side, keeping in mind all the losses over the past few years.”

“If you look at Newcastle as the last big sale of an English Premier League club, apart from Chelsea, who are on a different planet, theirs was around £305million.”

“With that, you buy the club, the stadium and the club’s in better financial health.”

“With Everton, you’ll be buying Goodison Park and something will need to be done with that. You’ve got the new stadium and the financing costs and what’s happened last season.”

“One can ask ‘Where is the extra 80million for Everton?’ I personally can’t see it.”

Other than Kenyon’s consortium, Mohshiri received four more bids from different people. Now that Kenyon’s consortium is unlikely to takeover, he have to make a decision, given none is willing to match his valuation of the Toffees.

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