Everton manager Frank Lampard to be sacked after successive defeats

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Everton chiefs are a bit edgy after Frank Lampard’s successive defeats in the Premier League. The six consecutive unbeaten runs stabilized their position in the League. But after those Everton has only registered one win in their last seven league matches. The latest defeat came at the hands of Bournemouth who knocked them out of the League cup. This led to severe agitation from the traveling fans who voiced their displeasure for the manager as well as the players.

Everton’s higher-ups to discuss Frank Lampard’s future at the club

Everton are currently sitting at 17th in the league table with a goal tally of only 11 goals. Reports claim that a sack could be looming over the former Chelsea’s head in the future. Football Insider report claim that the Everton higher-ups are ‘edgy’ over this situation and that meetings will be held in the next 48 hours internally to discuss Frank Lampard’s future at the club. Lampard’s job is described as “being on the line“. Everton are planning on hijacking the signing of an imminent coach from another Premier League rival.

Bournemouth are in talks with Marcelo Bielsa, the former Leeds Utd manager for the new job. However, the latest update claims that Everton are planning on hijacking Bielsa’s move to Bournemouth as they ‘weigh up’ whether to sack Lampard or not. If Everton does decide to sack Lampard then Bielsa’s next stop could be at Goodison Park.

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