Everton takeover takes a new route to USA


In the previous weeks, rumours were going on that Minneapolis can be the city of new Everton owners. The Toffees, coincidentally, are in that city now, for their pre-season tour. Everton will play tonight in the neighbouring city of St. Paul. However, it could prove there is any genuine interest in the takeover.

The Premier League club will face the MLS club Minnesota United in their second game of the pre-season. In their first game, Frank Lampard’s side suffered a defeat at the hands of Mikel Arteta led Arsenal.

The current Everton owner, Farhad Mohshiri might sell the club to interested personalities if they can match his value. Mohshiri is facing a lot of backlash from the Everton fans of late. This is because under his regime, the club went further down in the ranks and almost faced relegation in the recently concluded season.

A report published mentioned that Peter Kenyon’s consortium offered Mohshiri £380 million to buy out his stake. Former Chelsea and Manchester United CEO is leading this US-based consortium. Other than that, another interested party is Mr. Kaminski of the Kaminski group.

Mohshiri’s open letter to Everton fans

In a recent letter published from the offices of Farhad Mohshiri, read as follows:

“There has been much talk of investment in our football club recently – even takeovers – but I want to clarify that there is no ‘for sale’ sign currently hanging outside Everton Football Club.”

“It will always be pragmatic to explore all potential investment opportunities and, as I have been transparent about, I am actively focused on completing the financing for our fantastic new stadium as well as strengthening the playing squad and that might include a search for minority investment. That will continue. But I want to reassure all of you that Everton Football Club is not for sale.”

“We respectfully remain interested in acquiring the club as we believe its fans deserve nothing less than the best. And our offer to achieve this stands.”

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