Everton, to release Michael Keane?

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Everton is vanquishing at the bottom of the League at 17th position. With poor performances in the past couple of matches, Everton could move back to Championship. Everton’s poor defensive performances and overall lack of quality have cost them a lot of points. Everton’s main problem is their backline who have conceded a lot of goals this season, especially defender Michael Keane. Frank Lampard is to get rid of Keane in the summer.

Frank Lampard since he took charge has managed 8 games in the Premier League. In his 8 games, he has managed to win just two games and has lost the rest. However, Lampard can’t take all the blame for two reasons. One, he came in at Everton mid-season. No manager can convert a losing team into a winning one in the span of months. Every manager requires at least two transfer windows to prove their worth by bringing in players who fit their playstyle and philosophy. Secondly, the players have not managed to be up to the mark which has cost the team points. The poor display has cost them to battle relegation and be placed at the 17th place.

Keane has been in abysmal form this season. Ever since January, Keane has scored two own goals which has led the team to drop points against Norwich City and Tottenham. He recently received a second yellow card in a game getting sent off against West Ham United. According to sources, this was the final nail in the coffin and Everton want to get rid of the defender.

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