Everton’s move for Jean-Philippe Gbamin has turned out to be a failure


Everton signed Jean-Philippe Gbamin in 2019 for a fee of £25 million from Mainz for a five-year deal. Since then, he has made just 8 appearances while missing a total number of 86 games. The Ivorian midfielder earns £75k-per-week at Everton and has had very little to provide in return to the club.

He does not have game-time because of the constant injuries he has suffered. Gbamin has suffered three different types of injuries to his hamstring, the Achilles tendon, and medial collateral damage. He is at the peak of age but is very unfortunate to not get any game time on the pitch.

The 26-year-old has made 5 appearances this season which is the most he has done in a season since arriving at Everton. Moreover, Everton have made some recruitments to fill the gap of Gbamin. Everton must have seen something in the player to sign him at that fee in 2019. However, the midfielder seems to have struggled in getting comfortable with life in England.

Everton have lost a total of £34.6 million on the player including his transfer fee and wages. They could have gotten something more from the market now with that much money. The talk around Gbamin has been about his injuries and never about the appearances he has made or any statistics of his.

Why Everton should listen to offers for Jean-Philippe Gbamin?

Jean-Philippe Gbamin has suffered very dangerous injuries at Everton and is difficult for any player who goes through situations like these. Injuries are the worst thing that can happen to any sportsperson and Gbamin has been very unfortunate in that regard. Making just eight appearances in the span of three years says a lot about the lack of fortune.

Moreover, a healed injury is not as good as the bone or ligament which it was before and has more likelihood of getting damaged again. This is why many players keep suffering injuries which have a very bad effect on their careers. A few ways to get out of injuries is to change the playing style and make some physical changes to the body.

However, that is not the case for all players as all players do not keep sustaining injuries regularly. Gbamin might have to make a few changes in his way of playing or his physique to get out of this debacle. He is unlikely to feature for Everton regularly while earning good wages at the peak of his age. The player should look for a club where he could get more game time and grow again slowly and steadily.

Jean-Philippe Gbamin has not enjoyed his time at Everton as he must have expected before joining the club. Nevertheless, he has made 5 appearances this season and the club also has a new manager now. He can either choose to build on this and start again at Everton or he can choose to leave the club and have a fresh start. However, the fact is undeniable that the transfer has been a failure for both parties.

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